quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

United state e Germany I thank the credibility

Use the translator if you are having difficulty.
We want to again thank everyone who access the blog Prm, and say that Brazil not only more united state, are also responsible for the success of the blog, and ask friends to contribute to the project toast to you, that part of the collection will be revert to the state of Piaui. (which suffers from lack of water and food)
Germany is listed as the third in hits to the blog ...
Help support the blog search engines gain more credibility in the Internet, spreading the link to all by e-mail, network and between sociasi blogs from overseas, etc. in the comments.
I'll be happy and ask God to repay his kindness.
American friends and enjoying click the contacts page and send us a message via completion of report

The sincere brethren of various denominations united state Assembly and especially the beloved of God, our consideration of thanksgiving and staying in the peace of God
note: This blog has no connection with any particular denomination, but is dimension of the congregation that the preacher Robert Michael is a member, which is Bethlehem Assembly of God Ministry.
We do not have nor use the custome of the Church to preach the board, as some claim to be unlearned in such a "church" is already saved, are saved through Christ and grace.
Here goes our embraces all denominations that preach the gospel of God which is the power of God in human life.

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